Friday, 21 November 2014

Dropship - Now Topless

The redesign of the main Hull is now underway

Now it can be posed Topless!

The roof is removable to allow you to get figures and vehicles inside.

Also the Main structure of the ship is simplified with flight stand connections and landing gear incorporated.

There are also holes pre-cut for wiring, and I will incorporate a lighting rig and battery compartment in the design.

The redesign has also meant that the main bay of the ship is a much simpler boxy structure, 70mm Wide, 180mm long and 45mm high

Height remains the issue and I've yet to design the rear door where the reduced bulge and the door frame itself will intrude.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Flight Stand

A flight stand to allow the dropship to be posed in any pitch roll or yaw attitude.

 The flight stand is composed of a steel ball bearing sitting inside a good ring magnet. The magnet clamps the bearing tightly and is solid enough to support the weight of the ship, but it allows the ball to roatte in the ring, meaning the ship can be set at any roll or yaw attitude.

Pitch variation will be managed by adjusting the height of the front and back stand. This would be easier with a single magnet location on the ship, but the ship itself is quite heavy and the centre of gravity moves depending on the contents. Also the 'bulges' in the hull between the landing gear are available and 'just the right size to fit this.

For some reason the annotations on this picture have moved - sorry. I'm sure you can tell whats going on.

 The mounting is a sandwich of 1.5mm ply and 0.5mm styrene - simply because those are the materials I am laser cutting for the structure of the hull. The top plate clamps the magnet in place and is held with 4 M2 bolts through the sandwich. This in turn will be affixed to the hull structure with glued slots. I think large smears of 2 part epoxy or gorilla glue would also be beneficial - these magnets are STRONG!

The flight stand itself needs some design work. The M3 bolt shown in the steel ball will be shorter and simply bolt the ball to the top of an acrylic lasercut stand. I'm hoping to make this adjustable maybe up to as much as 300mm high to be able to pose the ship above the table top.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Colouring In

It may looklike all i've done is some colouring in. But the Cockpit and Engines are now hollowed, split into castable components and are shown here with some colours just to highlight the details a little better.

If you look at the join lines for the cockpit you'll see locating lugs allowing magnets to be used to 'snap' the components together when assembling. I think this will still be manufactured as a solid resin piece for simplicity but the hollow 2mm shell means the print cost is dramatically reduced. I've also added an Iris valve to back of the cockpit for those that want to be able to model this with a detached cockpit at some point.

I think I'm trying to put off having to remodel the whole hull ... :-(

Saturday, 15 November 2014

She's Breaking up ...

Having to break up the Cockpit in order to be make the pieces small enough to fit onto the bed of available 3D printers.

Just managed it with 1.5mm to spare :-D

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Payload Problem (2)

This time with slightly more accurate dimensions of the Gladius Tank.