Friday, 28 November 2014

Interior Decoration

Have started to flesh out the internal decor.

The main bulkhead shown here separates the hold from the cockpit via an iris valve.

You can see a number of storage compartments, medical station and ... "gubbins". This will be resin cast and inserted into the frame.

You can also see the slightly recessed floor allowing for the longer ramp and maximising the rear door height. The opening for the rear door is now complete.

Down each side of the hull is also a "ledge". I am considering continuing the idea of internal 'panels' down each side. Just 3 mm deep these would give the sense of the internals of the ship. Seats for troops, weapon racks... that kind of thing. What do you think? I could make a small number of these which could then be mixed and matched as you wish and simply glued to the inside walls.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

6mm Finished

I threw some simple digital colour at the model as I think it is easier to see the detail.

the 6mm design is now complete and the files are out at a few 3d printers for feedback, quotes and advise in things like split lines, numbers of components etc.

Now... back to the 28mm version and that annoying rear door...

6mm Dropship

Now with the hull fully detailed.

For scale, the tailplanes there are to be laser cut from 1mm styrene. Hence the square section rather than the aerofoil.

The 28mm version has a missile turret and a Radar 'dome' that are separate turrets attached with magnets. For the 6mm version these are simply too small so have been approximated and made part of the main hull cast.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

6mm DropShip

One of the things I always planned is to be able to game 6mm scale sweeping battles AND 28mm Skirmish actions as part of the same campaign. This means having the same figures in both scales.

Therefore I need a 6mm DropShip and a 28mm Scale one.

So with a bit of judicious scaling, and simplifying of a number of features that would be lost at 6mm scale, this is where I have got to so far. I have the tails to add, and a little more simple detail on the hull (a couple of vents, access hatches that kind of thing).

Overall dimensions 52 x 34 x 17

I think this will have to be cast in two pieces. The hull and engines should be cast in a single piece (though I shall have to smooth the join between engine and hull a little). The cockpit split line is not coincident with the main hull split line so I suspect it will have to be cast separately.

The tails are not shown here - but I am hoping they would be strong enough to be cast with the hull... they'd be very fiddly if cast separately.

Anyway, pictures...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Dropship - Now Topless

The redesign of the main Hull is now underway

Now it can be posed Topless!

The roof is removable to allow you to get figures and vehicles inside.

Also the Main structure of the ship is simplified with flight stand connections and landing gear incorporated.

There are also holes pre-cut for wiring, and I will incorporate a lighting rig and battery compartment in the design.

The redesign has also meant that the main bay of the ship is a much simpler boxy structure, 70mm Wide, 180mm long and 45mm high

Height remains the issue and I've yet to design the rear door where the reduced bulge and the door frame itself will intrude.